Jan 8, 2015


In the kitchen over the pot/bubbles sizzling/imagination on blast while the back rooms crispy with/pounds and kilos of product we developed/even when you pitching them verbs/you gotta watch your shoulders like you really pitching them birds/it's absurd the competition for custies when you pitching God's words/like you playing the curb/back to the wall gat in ya palm like the beef is absurd/oh no/there go M/he be at it again/back in the booth back with the L back with the bullying pen/had to recruit a new hook up/show em how we handle that P/and whip that slab for the cook up/you know how we handle that P/whipping them visions expanded prisms/you know Pamela Lee/metaphors is 50 and similes a C/notes to myself about manuscripts dope bars and scenes/open up take a taste so you can get that freeze/I pitch and twirl for my seeds we cultivate them trees/with my kismet soul we sowing blessings, hope, love and peace/teaching mind be free/I ain't forget you Mom I just honor you with my hustle as I keep keep on/the genitalia of Queens they make the cash machine ring/but they also birth the Queens that birthed ya King and your Queen/they also birthed the bodies that gave America swing/and America says it's cool to attach brown bodies to trees and then swing/and keep an eye out for them Sunday suckers and the drama they bring/and the families they sting with a calamitous ring/then blame their prey in Jesus name can't wait to do it a-gain/but I ain't even looking at you dudes I'm looking through you/the future is so bright because the present is a gift to grind/shiiiiit my spades hand so tight I went for a blind three times/it's been an honest minute since I visited the victory circle/but that don't mean a nigga can't be Stefan instead of Steve Urkel/M

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